Our areas of partnering interest

Are you wondering whether your novel science or technology may be of interest to AstraZeneca?

Here is a summary of the key areas in which we are keen to explore collaboration opportunities.

  • Oncology

  • Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism

  • Respiratory & Immunology

  • Infection and Vaccines

  • Precision Medicine

  • Enabling technologies

Collaboration opportunities in China, Japan and other international markets

No matter where in the world you may be located, we are interested in exploring leading-edge collaboration opportunities with you – across our main therapy areas and beyond. We carefully consider local medical circumstances and adopt a flexible approach that enables us to meet specific patient needs in key markets.

In China, for example, we are exploring opportunities that support and enhance our existing commercial strength. Our focus is on partnering opportunities at or near commercial launch stage, in areas such as pediaetric, nebulised, pulmonary, gastric, cardiovascular, and traditional Chinese medicine.

In Japan, we are looking to collaborate with a range of experts to help transform medical practice and patients’ lives. We focus on opportunities at or near commercial launch stage in the areas of oncology; cardiovascular, renal and metabolism; and respiratory and immunology.

Our interest goes beyond pharmaceutical products to diagnostics, devices, and digital technologies. We aim to work with a range of partners to build end-to-end patient solutions that help improve disease awareness, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment care. While these partnerships are designed to meet the unmet medical needs of local patients, some also have potential to benefit patients globally.

Using our presence and reach, we can also help you commercialise your product in China, Japan and other international markets.

Our remarkable progress and presence in China


pharmaceutical company in China*

2nd biggest

national market for AstraZeneca


employees throughout China


Product Sales in 2020


Product Sales growth in 2020 (at CER)

*Measured by value in the hospital sector (by sales)

Veeva ID: Z4-32948
Date of Prep: May 2021