Our commitment to patients

Our longstanding commitment to patients has led us to reimagine our patient-focused ways of working, as we embed it across every aspect of our company to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes people care about most so they can enjoy fulfilling lives.

Patients as people first

We recognise that patients are people first and should be at the centre of everything we do in specific and measurable ways, from discovery science through clinical trials to prevention, awareness, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment. We are evolving our ways of working to address the current and future needs of patients, so we are better able to help answer those needs and deliver for our company. We are working with partners to help create integrated ‘healthcare ecosystems’ that bring benefits and support for the whole of the patient experience.

We’ve made strong headway in fostering a patient-immersed culture, arming our colleagues with core resources and guidance materials that aligns all of us clearly around our vision and purpose for patient centricity. We have a strong foundation deeply rooted in seeing patients as people first so that we can continue to show up for them in specific and measurable ways.

Joris Silon Senior Vice President, Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit

Here are some of our key commitments to patients and patient groups.

Health innovation hubs

Our Health Innovation Hubs put us at the centre of interaction among patients, medicine, technology, healthcare professionals and policy makers to reimagine how we can improve patient outcomes through:

Each hub contributes to our patient-centric goals by addressing different challenges based on its model. We currently have ten major iHubs and more than 20 local ‘ecosystem solutions’ that, together with our partners, form a global, interconnected network. Learn more about how our partnerships develop innovative solutions for patients.

Transforming healthcare through data and digital

As medicines become even more personalised, AstraZeneca is exploring new patient-focused models by working with health systems, patients and providers to improve how care is delivered. Our disease management platform covers multiple digital products across the entire patient experience to bridge gaps in the care of chronic diseases. We are listening to and learning from patients, creating solutions with them and applying new practices and technologies to empower and help them play an active part in managing their own health. Our focus is on patient engagement, risk management, and data-driven decision-making by healthcare professionals.

Additionally, we are committed to transparent research and development practices that serve the best interests of all the people and patients who use our medicines. Learn more about our commitment to transforming healthcare through our clinical trial transparency efforts.

Commitment to patients across our therapy areas

Our work with and for patients

Our people