Our strategic R&D centres

Our R&D centres

We are committed to our purpose of pushing the boundaries of science to deliver life changing medicines and we have built our business around it. We have three strategic R&D centres in Cambridge, UK, Gaithersburg, US, and Gothenburg, Sweden. We also have an active R&D presence in 40 other countries spanning the globe.



strategic R&D centres in the UK, US and Sweden


active R&D presence in other countries spanning the globe


employees work exclusively in R&D


Officially unveiled in November 2021, The Discovery Centre (DISC) at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) is our largest R&D facility in the UK. More than 2,000 people will work together across our therapy areas and drug discovery and development.

The physical proximity of The DISC to our neighbours in academia, healthcare and industry creates a porous environment where ideas and talent can be shared to drive innovation. The new state-of-the-art R&D facility will strengthen our collaborations across the city, expanding our 200 partnerships within the Cambridge ecosystem and hundreds more in the wider UK life sciences cluster.


A unique, innovative and inclusive modern campus, just a short drive away from Washington, DC, our Gaithersburg facility is home to a diverse community of some 3,500 people, with the capacity to discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialise life changing medicines – all on one site.

With a team of world-renowned scientists, cutting-edge technology, and a collaborative, interactive and cross-functional scientific culture, it’s a great place to work and an exciting place to be. Our outstanding facilities and amenities promote wellness and a positive work-life balance, helping us attract and retain the best talent, while contributing to our business’s values-led and sustainable approach to R&D.


With more than 2,400 employees from 50 countries, our vibrant Gothenburg site helps support the entire life-cycle of AstraZeneca medicines, from drug discovery and clinical trials, through to global commercialisation and product maintenance. In 2017, we launched Lab4Life, creating an open and truly shared research environment that goes beyond the usual laboratory model. By breaking down traditional lab walls, automating processes and driving state of-the-art IT, we are creating novel ways of working to speed up delivery of new medicines.

Looking to the future, Gothenburg has initiated the creation of a new, global cluster for health and life sciences, as part of the GoCo Health Innovation City project, which includes the Gothenburg BioVentureHub. There are currently more than 30 external companies and one academic group co-locating with AstraZeneca at the heart of the Gothenburg site. By facilitating interactions between drug, device, diagnostics and digital health companies, we are creating a dynamic, creative and fertile environment for helping unlock the power of what science can do.

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Date of preparation: November 2021